Frequently Asked Questions

Do you create your own recipes and photograph the pictures?

All of my recipes are developed by me and photographed by me. I personally test all the recipes as well as have an independent "home baker" retest them in her home.  The recipe is also run through Copyscape (an anti-plagiarism site) before being offered to you for sale to make sure the text and recipe is original. I personally guarantee that the recipes I am selling are not copied from any other site.  

Even though all of the recipes in my shop are original and written in my own words, in order to give you an SEO rich recipe, it is possible that there a similar ingredients to recipes already produced on the internet, which is common and a industry standard.   If you would like more information about copyright laws please feel free to request one and I will email it to you.  


Do you take suggestions and requests?

I would welcome suggestions and requests!  I can't guarantee when they would be offered, but I am open to helping you with specific recipes as long as your open to having your suggestion used to propel both your and my business. 

Do you offer refunds?

Due to the nature of this product, refunds will not be issued. However, if you see a problem with your photos or the recipe, please send me a message! I would be more than happy to work with you to fix any mistakes or errors on my part!

Do I receive copyright on the photos I purchase here?

As a general rule, photographers retain the copyright to the images they create. You are purchasing the license to use the photos and the recipe that goes along with the photos.   I would like to keep my licensing terms as simple as possible for each of us.  I would encourage you to use the images for business, personal and commercial purposes for your personal business.  Suggestions on uses are on your social media, your blog, advertising campaigns you are doing, magazines your involved with, e-books, cookbooks, ect.  You may even have the opportunity to use a photo your purchased on a product and then in turn sell that product, feel free to do so. I would simply trust in the fact that you wouldn't sell the photos you purchased to other companies such as Adobe or any other stock photo producing company or enter them into a contest that would require you to have the copyrights.  This, of course would include selling the individual photos outright to other bloggers.

The main reason why I will retain the copyrights is because I will use a few of the photos for my personal portfolio and to promote my own personal business to find wonderful bloggers like yourself.  Giving away all the rights to my photos would not allow me to grow my personal business with my professionally produced photos. 

What I will do as a promise to you, my customer, that I will not use the photos in a way that would result in a negative impact to your blog, such as reselling them to another blogger.  This exclusive licensing agreement protects you as well.  Anything I personally do to market my business will in no way interfere with the traffic to your blog developed by using the photos you have purchased.